Black Diamond Stubby

Black Diamond Stubby Ideal for light hauling on done-in-a-day walls or as a small secondary bag on longer missions, the Black Diamond Stubby Haul Bag is the smallest of the [...]

Rock Exotica rockD

Rock Exotica rockD C2S Screw-Gate The rockD is the carabiner of choice when seeking the highest strength in a standard-sized aluminum frame. Available in the ORCA, Auto-lock, Screw-lock and other [...]

Rock Exotica rockO – Auto-lock

Rock Exotica rockO C3A Auto-Lock The rockO is a blend of the traditional oval and the rockD giving it more strength than the standard oval. This design is great for users that need extra room at [...]

Rock Exotica Pirate – Screw-lock

Rock Exotica Pirate C1S Screw-Gate As an HMS, or pear-shaped carabiner, the Pirate easily accommodates the use of a wide range of gear, webbing or ropes – either as a belay biner at the [...]

Petzl Am’D Screw-Gate

Petzl Am’D - screw lock

Lightweight asymmetrical carabiner

Petzl Am’D Triact-Lock

Petzl Am’D

Lightweight asymmetrical carabiner

Dynamic Cow’s Tail

Edelrid 11mm "Dynamite" Dynamic Rope for tying rope acces cows tails. Two 4m lengths; 8m total. $6.75 per metre. This will tie four cows tails in total.  

Petzl I’D Evac

The Petzl I'D EVAC is compatible with 10 to 11.5 mm ropes and allows handling of loads up to 250 kg. This device is specifically designed for Rig-for-Rescue systems.  

Tuesday 11th – Saturday 15th June 2024


(Tuesday to Saturday Course) With your choice of [...]

Skylotec Beamtac

Skylotec Beamtac Anchor

Skylotecs' I beam anchor is designed for use as a fall protection, restraint, work positioning and personal riding anchor. Made from 7075 [...]