5th Point are an established Global Leader in the International Rope Access Industry, holding long term operational and training membership with the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA), the worlds leading authority on industrial rope access systems.

5th Point also maintains a strong relationship with IRATA International, with key members of of the 5th Point Team holding positions on the Executive, Equipment & Standards, Training and Health & Safety Committee’s of IRATA International and as an Auditor of IRATA Member Companies.

5th Point Pty Ltd was established in Australia in 2002 and specialises in the provision of IRATA International training, which is currently the only internationally recognised industrial rope access qualification. 5th Point Pty Ltd also undertakes operational projects in various locations around the world.

After several years of training ‘over the ditch’, 5th Point Ltd was established in 2012 to cater to the New Zealand market, offering IRATA training, associated relevant local training, and capability in operational rope access and working at height, particularly anchor installation and inspection.

Due to the growth achieved by 5th Point Pty Ltd, 5th Point Operations Pty Ltd was established in 2016 to single out responsibility for operational rope access projects and focus on utilising the capability of 5th Point’s personnel to deliver rope access within heavy industries.


With over 14 years’ experience in rope access, 5th Point are experts at the design and implementation of solutions to complex access challenges.

If your organisation has identified a hard to reach work location that may be accessible using rope access, 5th Point will design a solution tailored to your need. Solution design incorporates all relevant aspects of the required system, including documentation, identification of required kit and equipment, rescue planning and design of required team training.

5th Point can purely be relied on for the design of the solution if you have internal capability for its implementation, or for full implementation of the system if required.

This may include provision of kit and equipment for the project, training of team members in required skills or equipment use as well as rescue plans, and provision of all or key rope access team members.

5th Point are also specialists in the design and implementation of complete custom rope access systems and have capability to provide assistance for companies progressing towards independent IRATA International Membership.

Let us work with you to determine whether independent IRATA International Membership is a realistic, appropriate and financially viable option for your business.

Where IRATA Membership is determined to be in alignment with your Vision and Mission as an organisation and appropriate to your immediate needs, 5th Point can be there every step of the way to support you in this process.

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