Equipment Inspection: Part IV

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Aaaand we’re back! Don’t forget you can read Parts I-III of this mini blog via our Articles tab!

During our last update, we focussed on the importance of equipment inspections, who can perform them, human error and our switch from spreadsheets to Papertrail and DMM Wales RFiD Technology – and finished with a slightly ominous hint that all did not go according to plan.

Well. It didn’t.

This is probably the update we’ve been dreading the most. As we’ve mentioned before, the implementation of RFiD in conjunction with Papertrail at 5th Point has not been without it’s errors. We understand that it is relatively new technology that is being rolled out, and to a certain extent 5th Point has been the sacrificial lamb to work out flaws and faults in the hope of streamlining for future organisations, companies and individuals.

But this essentially means we have to deal with the drama, and not you.

You’re welcome.

So! What went wrong?

How about counting everything twice.

Yup. That’s right. We spent a glorious week retrofitting and implementing RFiD dots, stickers and tag on everything. Scanning the RFiD’s in to Papertrail with zero drama, and much forward excitement to our next major equipment inspection because there would be more time for the physical inspection itself, rather than the data-management.

And then we found out there was a ‘small’ error with the RFiD reader, and the codes scanned were incomplete.

Soooo …..

We have to do it again.

This is both good, and bad. Mostly, it’s just a giant pain in the ass to schedule an entire inspection – except for the fact that it is not an inspection. We’ve done the physical inspection already. But we do have to located each RFiD on every single piece of kit we have attached RFiD to, and re-scan it with an RFiD Reader that has the updated software.

If you have recently made the switch to RFiD, and if you have purchased an RFiD Reader – it will have the updated software on it. If you are not sure – Ask.

Thankfully, we have been working very closely with DMM & Papertrail during this process, and we have the support to move forward with the scheduled re-scan.

We will essentially be scanning all tags with an updated RFiD Reader and exporting the list of codes to DMM: they will be matching the incomplete codes to the new codes for us, before passing the list of adjusted codes to Papertrail for final data management and update into our equipment register.

We have not gone through this process yet; as we are in the middle of back-to-back training courses and are attempting to spare our Staff the hassle of re-scanning everything on a weekend. In the interim, we are also still compliant with our IRATA Membership requirements; because our equipment register still contains manufacturers unique identifier, our unique identifier (as applicable) and the partial RFiD Code associated with the unique identifiers on every single piece of equipment.

Despite the level of frustration experienced needing to do this again – we’re oddly looking forward to it.

Now you might be asking yourself, why on earth would we be looking forward to doing this all again?

Because it’s RFiD.

It took less than 30 minutes for us to scan 212 DMM carabiners with inbuilt RFiD. And half of that time was spent un-clipping the manufacturers technical notices off the carabiners. The process for re-scanning is going to be ridiculously good to experience: granted, a little sooner than we were anticipating, but the good thing for you who have been reading this mini-blog series is that you will be able to see a full scan occur.

This will essentially be the data management after the physical inspection of the equipment. The part that usually takes hours to complete as line by line you match and record the inspection in a spreadsheet.

While annoying to do again, we at least know it will be a bloody fast process.

And ultimately; RFiD + Papertrail = Fast Data Management, thus allowing you more time to physically inspect your equipment.

Stay tuned for our next update, as well as footage of the scanning process.

Thanks for reading!



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