Can a Level 1 or Level 2 work on site without a Level 3’s supervision?


Rope access technicians should work in teams of no fewer than two, one of whom should be a Level 3 rope access safety supervisor. Do not undertake rope access work alone.

Under the IRATA International Code of Practice, only Level 3 rope access technicians may be Rope Access Safety Supervisors.

Rope Access Safety Supervisors should be:

  1. competent in supervisory skills;
  2. competent in rope access techniques appropriate to the particular worksite and should understand the limitation of those techniques;
  3. responsible for hazard identification and risk assessment for rope access related tasks;
  4. competent in workmate rescue/retrieval techniques appropriate to each worksite and be able to organise and put into effect a workmate rescue/retrieval plan appropriate to that worksite.
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