Singing Rock Reactor 3


Shock absorber with a lanyard  Y & Big light alloy connector

  • intended as a rope terminal which forms a flexible anchoring line
  • suitable for metal constructions, girders, poles and the suchlike
  • double trigger automatic locking
  • simple handling
  • large gate opening
  • unique production number
  • parts exposed to abrasion covered with a tubular webbing
  • shock absorber covered with a textile sheath
  • shock absorber can be easily taken out and dried
  • methodical and identification label is placed inside the textile cover
  • light alloy ring or textile eye enables to shorten a webbing in half
  • carabiners can be fixed by a plastic holder which also protects webbing against wearing trough
  • length of completely ripped out fall absorber 140 cm

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REACTOR 3™ 155 cm “Y” Type Shock Absorber (W4340W155) by Singing Rock®. A new tear-apart energy absorber with lanyard. Strength bearing webbing is covered with extra layer of tubular webbing for durability. The shock absorber is covered by a sheath that can be opened for inspection and for drying in case it gets wet. Webbing lanyards attach to aluminum ring. Ring can be used to shorten the webbing lanyard length if needed. Length of completely ripped out fall absorber 140 cm.

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