Ropes Edge 36″ Double Rope Sleeve with Cord


Ropes Edge 36″ Double Rope Sleeve with Cord

Nothing stops a rhino’s charge just like nothing stops the strength of our4-Inch Rhino MAX Grey with Black Edge Polyester Web.
Able to handle a working load limit of 8,000 Lbs. / 3,630 Kgs., offering you excessively strong webbing that can take on the heavy-duty securement jobs that require you to handle extra-rough loads.
Cargo such as bricks and concrete can easily wear down other straps, but not our webbing. Coated in an abrasion resistant coating, this extra-tough webbing can easily handle those kinds of jobs with ease when you turn it into a Ratchet or Winch Strap or into smaller sections as chafe guards.
Sold as single item ONLY (product image shows two).

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Since Ropes Edge have complete control over the quality of their webbing, they make sure that their 4-Inch Grey with Black Edge Polyester Web leaves their production plant in top shape. From sewing to packaging, each step of the process is treated with individual care. The polyester thread is tightly weaved to provide enhanced durability along with the UV and abrasion-resistant coatings. Offering little stretch and resistance, their webbing is built for the tough jobs that are so common in the cargo control industry.


  • Made of tight weave polypropylene
  • Melting point of approx. 800°C.
  • Has a high quality UV and an Abrasion Resistant coating
  • Starts off a bit stiff.. gets more supple as you use it..
  • ALL velcro is TRIPLE stitched for strength and longevity

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