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Work in Confined Spaces Training
Work Safely at Heights
Operate Breathing Aparatus Training


Here at 5th Point, we have established ourselves as global leaders in the IRATA International Rope Access industry. Operational projects are taken on with due care and consideration – ensuring our client has the complete package – exceptional staff, with the right qualifications and experience for the project at competitive rates.

Vast Expertise Involved


IRATA International, Nationally Recognised Training & SPRAT Evaluations


IRATA International, Access System Design & Equipment inspections


Height safety, rope access equipment and PPE

Loved by Many

  • Trainer showed excellent knowledge of subjects covered. Hands on, practical, very good to break up classroom activities. Thoroughly recommend 5th Point!

    D. Kane RIIWHS204D Working at heights
  • Best in the industry, always enjoy the training.

    M. Coote RIIWHS204D Working at heights
  • Course delivered very well, and well appreciated.

    K. Hart RIIWHS204D Working at heights
  • No need for improvements, one of the highest quality courses I have ever been on. Thank you!

    T. Booth IRATA International
  • Scotty did an awesome job, super knowledgable and approachable.

    M. Nauthe IRATA International
  • Well presented and made enjoyable

    H. Rivero RIIWHS204D Working at heights
  • All good, great course!

    J. Alexander IRATA International
  • Great Course, I learnt heaps – thank you!

    B. Allard IRATA International
  • Great practical demonstrations and explanation of theory prior to undertaking each task. Theory was incorporated with practical to avoid information overload. I would definitely recommend 5th Point for IRATA training.

    D. Vasilevski IRATA International
  • I had a great time, best course I have ever done. Will highly recommend to friends.

    J. Bennett IRATA International
  • Best training I have ever had, great environment.

    J. Bell IRATA International


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