How do I become an Instructor?


In order to become a full IRATA Instructor, you need to have met the requirements of TACs 8.4.1 (below):

8.4.1 Trainee Instructors must meet several criteria before they are eligible to apply for Instructor Status:

  1. Hold a current IRATA Level 3 certificate;
  2. Hold a current relevant first aid certificate;
  3. Have been witnessed to competently deliver all TACS syllabus items;
  4. Have at least 400 hours total logged experience delivering IRATA training courses;
  5. Successfully train (i.e. pass at assessment) at least 30 candidates including at least 6 candidates at each IRATA level;
  6. Maintain an overall pass rate of at least 60% of candidates;
  7. Attend at least one Instructor/ Assessor workshop per year;

An online examination will then have to be taken in order to become an instructor. For full details of this process please contact the office on training@5thpoint.com.au

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